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Friday, June 02, 2006

I Have Returned..With A Vengeance!

So, I've decided I should start writing in this again, simply because it's what I do. I will continue to do it until I no longer can, and since some situations have improved in my life, and I have limited internet access I've decided to give this a shot.

So, rather recently the US Government has put $15 million into a project called "Next Chapter." It features a young, persian woman with cheekbones like a Vogue model, speaking to Iranian youth in their language about the downsides to their current regime.

It constantly talks about the upside of Democracy and what great things America could bring to these people if troops occupied their country or if they left their homes and sought American citizenship. And it's just simply not right.

You can't go into a country, either with human force or with media and attempt to take it over. With our current issues with Iraq I would not be at all surprised if the world started to dislike us as nation even more so than they already do. A bad reputation that we should not take as a cost of world domination, nor an action that we should take because of our already imperialistic behavior.

I fear George W. Bush's disregard for the democratic system of America. He has a "gun-ho" attitude about what he should do, and how he should decide how it's done. But, that's not the foundations this great nation was created upon, and if that's the democracy that is supposed to be spread around the world, that will not lead to a better world. That will lead to a dominated world with a single ruler, or an executive board for world decisions.

America has already committed social imperialism by eliminating various cultures unique to countries and civilizations with everything from Abercrombie & Fitch and McDonald's. America really needs to look over it's values and how it wants to be viewed in the world's eyes.

We will not be in power forever, no titan nation ever is. And if the world hates us when we fall, we're not going to survive; and I think our leadership really needs to think about that.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Big Chief in Big Trouble

I wont bore any of my readers with specifics, but I am running into a really rough patch of things right now. I'm not sure when my next post will be or what it will entail. But for those that read this regularly, do not expect much for awhile.

I apologize.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Generations of Hypocrisy

Now, I've known for a fact, that people I know were not religious until a very short time ago. Nor, do they now, fully understand their own religion. Yet, they still feel it necessary to instill every last bit of their misled doctrine onto myself and others.

I'm sure that's happened to most everyone. You do something, and suddenly this person, who is supposed to be your friend, starts beating you over the head with the "good book" and talking about hellfire and brimstone reigning down from the sky because of your terrible, terrible sin.

Just to start things off, I'm a pretty diehard Christian. I believe Christ died for my sins, and I believe that the morals that are outlined through the stories of the Bible, if followed, will lead to a better life. However, I do not believe that we, as humans, are meant to judge those that are supposed to be our brothers and sisters in our religion.

I would bet that those who are against Christianity would agree with this, but even regular believers in the faith have to admit that our religion is one overshadowed with hypocrisy and hate.

One of the places I work, where I do computer management, is a High School. An organization planned a large event to promote tolerance and understanding of the GLBT community at the high school. It wasn't an outlandish display, just merely t-shirts stating, "Gay? That's okay with me." Now, the religion, that above all is supposed to promote understanding and forgiveness was the first to react to this "epidemic of sin", as they called it.

On the day that these students were meant to wear their shirts a group, numbering in the hundreds, arrived at the high school wearing shirts stating, "Sins Against God..." on the front, and "...Crimes Against Humanity" on the back, followed by a listing of the ten commandments. (Which don't deal in any way with homosexuality)

It was ridiculous, I was completely infuriated and went to the church that was down the street from the highschool and asked the youth minister who was in charge of the outcry against children why he would do such a thing. Of course, he responded that it was simply a statement against a terrible sin.

But, once again, since when is it man's place to judge others? It's been nothing but hypocritical and foolish.

The Bible itself, which these people typically use against others, states, "No sin is held higher than any other in the eyes of God." So, when is something like that more serious than others? It's absolutely assanine, and there's no excuse for it.

Quite frankly, I believe that the people who drive others away from the Christian faith the most, are Christians themselves.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Moore Truth Please...

So, as per my usual post, I am working on it during my lunch break at work. That will change when my job does, but for now my mindnumbing toils tend to cause my coworkers and I to discuss anything, from X-Men to Politics. And with the release of the new movie, X-Men has been a heavy topic of conversation. But, as usual, my mind is never far from what's going on in the society in which I live.

Michael Moore was brought up through tedious conversation of George W. Bush's involvement with the big 3 oil tycoons of Saudi Arabia, and as much as I dislike the political stances and overall being that manifests itself into George W. Bush; I dislike Michael Moore even more so.

The man claims to be a patriot, and I believe that if he were do what he claims to be doing (telling the whole truth to the people of America) I believe he would be a fantastic example of a patriot, but he doesn't and he never has. Not too mention, Michael Moore claims that George W. Bush should be criticized because of his involvement with the Saudi Arabian government and their people in power. But, Michael Moore accepted money from a known terrorist organization to help fund his movie.

Why? Because it would help tear down America. Is George W. Bush America? No. Is Michael Moore America? No. Is the phrase, "Bring me your tired, your sick, your humbled masses yearning to be free."? Not as of late. No, America is a manifestation of the unity that our people share. Of course we disagree, I constantly disagree with what is going on in the world. That's why I write here. But, we are all still American, and in times of crisis that shows through stronger than anyone would have imagined.

Michael Moore lies to the public, openly. He bends the truth of those that he interviews; in a counter-documentary entitled FAHRENHYPE 9/11, three of Moore's main interviews pleaded with the camera and the audience to ignore Moore's documentary, stating they had been lied to and that their words had been manipulated through Hollywood.

Moore also talks about all the hardship in Flint, Michigan, his hometown that is featured in every documentary he has ever released. He even states in his latest sham that, "Those with so little, are often the first to help others. They are the first to stand up and defend our nation."

Now, I'm no accountant, and I certianly am not an expert on Hollywood figures when it comes to movie revenue. But knowing that I had friends who say FAHRENHEIT 9/11 as many times as their favorite blockbuster when it first came out in theatres, and now many people own that documentary on DVD or VHS. I would guess that Michael Moore, considering he wrote, starred, narrated, and produced his own film, made roughly $100 million dollars off of his latest film alone.

Where is that money? Well, it hasn't gone into liposuction. And as far as we can see through Moore's own documentaries, it hasn't gone into Flint, Michigan. He claims to stand up for what is right, and defend those who require it the most. But, it's hard to pick up a child that hasn't eaten in weeks, and can't get to school because their single mother works three jobs miles away, when you're sailing around in your private jet, going back to your mansion.

Michael Moore is not a man of his own words. He becomes more and more hypocritical with every thieving politician he criticizes, because no matter what someone else has done, Michael Moore has lost the value of his own word, and nothing he says should be taken seriously. He is not a patriot, he is not an intelligent man, nor is he a man of any type of character...he's a fool, and always will be.

On the off chance that you're reading this Michael, take this to heart, because the whole nation isn't blind to how you really behave, nor have they all forgotten what you claimed to stand for.

If you want to be remembered as a hero, opposed to someone who was merely good at being sarcastic and lining up camera angles, start practicing what you preach.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Political Clout

So, Dennis Hastert has been alledgedly placed under FBI Investigation for various charges according to ABC News. He has been known to work with former lobbyists, and there are letters that he has written to his secretary about destroying certain pieces of paper that might, possibly hold information that would hurt his campaign. In another report, ABC News said that the Department of Justice, along with Dennis Hastert have denied any type of investigation and they ask that ABC repeal its story as soon as possible.

Now, ABC is sticking by their story, and their lead investigative reporter claims that all his sources are sticking by their word as well. Is it possible that Hastert is under FBI investigation. Well, it wouldn't be the first time the government had lied to the public to save face, and it also wouldn't be the first time that the media has been silenced by a member of the Bush administration. I think everyone remembers the George W. Bush National Guard incident with Dan Rather.

The political system has been absolutely ridiculous in its necessity to deny and cover-up anything that might be considered damaging to their leaders public image. All-in-all, what these people do is absolutely idiotic. If there is a reason to investigate then there is reason. It doesn't matter who you are, or what political party you are a part of. Your governmental position should in no way make you immune to the criticism by the public, or investigation by judicial organizations.

If you have done something wrong, stand up and admit it. You messed up, no matter who you are, you are going to have consequences. I'm just disgusted that in our government, thos consequences are betraying your partners in crime, and denying any affiliation.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Takin' an hour for lunch...

So, a group of hackers told Microsoft a couple of months ago about a major problem in their Windows XP operating system. They mentioned all the specks, how it could be manipulated to take control of networks, and exactly how a little effort and a patch could fix it.

What did Microsoft do? Nothing.

Doing something would have cost money, that wouldn't have benefitted Bill Gates...after all he has hungry mouths to feed at home and you have to pinch pennies where you can.

Well, the very same hackers, months later, decided to send a message to Mr. Gates via a mass virus. You might have heard about it on the news. Millions of computers world wide crashed off one main infection because of this gaping flaw in Microsoft programming.

I've become much more interested in political activists, and those darn renegades who speak out against the obvious wrongs that are committed by our government and the corporations that own every inch of land and free will in this nation.

Hackers are often seen as malicious punks who want nothing more than to destroy and laugh at their victim's suffering. In actuality, they often are attempting to make a global or economic statement the best and most efficient way they know how. The media, and the very corporations that these people oppose quickly alter the image of these people to the public, which furthers the hatred of hackers in general.

But the press on, they continue with their missions, doing what they feel is right. Connecting people to others for free, providing freeware, exploiting holes in programming after various warnings.

I'm not saying everyone should become a hacker, nor am I asking if you've hugged a hacker today.

What I'm getting at is the fact that our society has such a tendency to misconstrue the image of people who should be reverred as heroes. Corporations in our system are constantly wronging the normal man for their own selfish gains, and those who stand up in the only ways they can are portrayed as lone nutcases by the very people who wronged them in the first place, these heroes of the common man end up in jail or being hated by everyone who has ever heard their name.

Take Marvin Heemeyer for example. Through contractual and legal wording a bank stole everything he had. He had thoroughly planned what he was going to do, and he was fully qualified for the loan he asked for, but with miles of red tape everything was taken from him besides a gargantuan Kamutsa D335A bulldozer. The retired steel-worker spent the next six months armoring the machine with steel and concrete, and eventually he led the machine on a rampage through the headquaters of the bank that wronged him.

All this took place on a Sunday and the only life that was claimed was that of Mr. Heemeyer, he shot himself after his bulldozer's radiator overheated and he was sealed inside the compartment. Marvin Heemeyer was all over the Colorado news in 2004 when the event took place and he was describe as a man pushed to insanity, there was never any mention of what had caused him to do this, or the fact that he risked his bulldozer's integrity for the lives of civilians or baby ducks. No, he is only seen as a lone nut.

So, whenever you end up listening to the media ramble on about some radical nutjob. Look into that nutjob. Their story might not only compel you, but you might learn something you never knew about the way you look at things or the way the world around you works.

Just a little something to think about.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Neutrality Over the Web

So, right now...at any given moment, your internet provider could decide that they don't like the fact that you're looking at my blog. They could cut you off entirely, and make it unbearably tedious to use this website at all, blocking the viewing of any blog that might speak out against their corporate machine.

If you aren't in the nerd loop you're probably wondering what the heck I'm talking about. Well, AT&T is trying to alter their internet providing habits to "promote" the use of certain websites, e-mail providers, and search engines by making the use of others nothing short of impossible. They are the first to attempt this, but a trend could easily come into being.

With your internet provider deciding everything you see online there is no longer neutrality in what you view. Political parties, blogs, comics, products, software, games, or anything else could be blocked entirely from use because they have not signed a contract or paid some great sum of money to the ISP to keep access to their customer base.

Not only is this unfair to the customers of the ISP, you. But, it is greatly unfair to small business owners and other entrepenuers of cyber space. Without the necessary political clout or money to properly "contract" or bribe the ISP to allow access to them, they will all quickly sink under.

This could also potentially bar people from seeing certain parts of the internet because they are not a preferred customer which is absolutely terrible.

Right now, there is no law protecting internet neutrality or the way the internet must be provided through ISP's. But the item is being discussed in congress right now. The downside being, of course, politicians can be easily bought by corporations. Luckily, many would rather keep their position of power through re-election than line their pockets with dirty money, so contact your congressmen/women and discuss this issue. If enough people speak out we can protect internet neutrality.

If you'd like to know more, I've put a link on the sidebar.